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XXI Zihuatanejo International Guitar Fest 2025

FROM JUNE 1ST 2024 TO JULY 31ST 2024

Cast 2024 20th Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival

Diego Garcia
ES • SOLO • Fusion of Surf, Rockabilly, Blues, and Latin Music

Latin Grammy winner, Diego Garcia, aka Twanguero, is an artist and guitarist from Spain renowned for his innovative fusion of rock, surf, rockabilly, blues, and Latin music, and his distinctive Twang sound. Showcasing a unique blend of traditional Spanish techniques and American roots influences, Twanguero's music transcends genres and eras.

Guitar virtuoso and talented storyteller, he takes audiences on a musical journey across the globe to the sound of his guitar(s).

José Luis Cobo

Jose Luis Cobo
MX • SOLO • Mexican Traditional & Popular

The poet of Zihuatanejo and the ambassador of the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival. A local legend who has recorded and performed in the United States, Canada, Europe and Mexico, but prefers entertaining his faithful followers in his legendary bar, El Canto de las Sirenas in Zihuatanejo, named after his hit song.

Nick Vigarino

Nick Vigarino
US • SOLO • Slop Jar Delta Funk

Garnering 24 slide/acoustic guitar awards, performing in 11 countries, Nick has now been inducted into the Washington Blues Society’s Hall of Fame.
 “That slide is naaasty!!” - Bo Diddley
“You shouldn’t miss this experience. It’s cut and dried…this guy kicks ass.” - Musician Magazine (NY, NY)
 “Nick took to dismantling what was left of all sensibility with the skill of a surgeon and the impact of a wrecking ball. We were promised that this guy smoked, but even that’s putting things lightly.”- The Bluesletter (Seattle,WA)
“Nick plays from the heart with high energy, it is definitely THE blues” – Lee Oskar

Manan Gupta

Manan Gupta
IN • SOLO • Percussive Fingerstyle

Manan is an award-winning Artist whose solo Instrumental song called ‘Dear Mother’ on YouTube has won many international competitions including the prestigious Lee Ritenour’s Six String Theory. His unique Guitar playing style has gained acclaim from people around the globe including Kaki King, Jon Gomm, Andy Mckee, Ehsaan Noorani, Dave Stewart, and Lee Ritenour to name a few.
He has performed live as a solo artist (one-man band) in many big music festivals in India & Abroad. He has also produced & released a16-track Album titled ‘Mix Mood’

Tim Williams
CA • SOLO • Blues

Tim Williams recorded his first LP before he could legally by a beer, and has continued to write, play, produce and tour since the mid-1960s. He has played in Germany, Hungary, The UK, Italy, Slovenia, Morocco, Australia, Mexico, Cuba, Canada and the US, in festivals, concert halls, and music clubs. Winner of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee (Best Solo/Duo and Best Guitarist Solo/Duo) and numerous other awards, he has performed with ZZ Top, BB King, Dr. John, Bonnie Raitt and numerous others.

Morgan Szymanski

Morgan Szymanski
MX • SOLO • Classical Guitar

Morgan Szymanski was a scholar at the Royal College of Music. Since then won the National Guitar Competition in Mexico, the Young Classical Artist Trust in London and has performed in over 20 different countries. Highlights include the Wigmore Hall in London, Queens Hall Edinburgh, Konzerthaus in Vienna, Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre and Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.
He is an alumni of Live Music Now! the scheme started by Lord Yehudi Menuhin to reach audiences that would otherwise have no access to live music. In 2016 he founded PRISMA, an artistic outreach programe aimed at taking workshops in the performing arts to socially disadvantaged areas in Mexico. This project has benefitted over 18,000 Mexican children.

Ken Newman

Ken Newman
US • SOLO • Rock

Ken Newman is a San Francisco Singer, Rock guitarist and Songwriter. He performs solo and with several bands. His album, “What Am I Afraid Of?” was released in April of 2022 to critical praise.

“This is an amazing and impeccably produced album. The lyrics intense, the instrumentation great and heavy.” - Spencer Tweedy, of the band, “Tweedy.”

“Newman's recent release,'What am I Afraid Of?' is a musically earnest, at all times captivating, superbly crafted, and genuinely heartfelt new album.” - Anne Carlini, Exclusive Magazine

Music videos from the album have been awarded at over 20 International Film Festivals.

Ruben de Lis

Rubén de Lis
ES • SOLO • Flamenco Folk & Fingerpicking Fussion

Composer of the PEJ 2022 Anthem (European Youth Meeting) #Xacobeo2022, Musician, Guitarist, Multi-instrumentalist, and Musical writer. He has an extensive artistic career worldwide, in addition to extensive training, such as “Grade 8” with merits at the Rock School in London, and a Master's Degree in “Gospel Guitar” from the Cursón Music School in Brazil. Rubén de Lis is a professor of Guitar and Ukulele Music in Galicia and is Director of the I.M.R.D.L. (Ruben de Lis Musical Institute) – Online. He combines his work teaching music with that of a professional musician, and as a musical writer he is part of the team of the magazines Hush Magazine – Rock (Spain) and Som en Campo (Brazil), in the field of Flamenco Fusion. In 2013 he received the award as one of the best 12 guitarists in Spain for the Live Performance Tour throughout Spain with the project "Desnudos de Tags" produced by RDM Editorial, and Cervezas Alambra, presenting various styles such as Jazz, Rock, Blues, Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Folk, etc. Rubén de Lis also works as a musician-collaborator on several programs on Galician Television and TVE, and is also an innovator in the “House Guitar Project” style, and «Drive Dance» projects with which he traveled all over the world: Dubai, Morocco, Switzerland, Austria, France, Portugal, Brazil, USA, Cuba, Bosnia, Israel, etc. He currently lives between Spain, Brazil and the USA and other countries where he performs as an Artist, in various shows, talks, presentations, workshops and Masterclasses. He performs songs from all his albums and many covers in a unique and very special, versatile and exciting way with his loop station and effects pedals, playing the guitar and keyboards, drum pads and simulating other instruments in real time and interacting with the audience. a spectacular way.

Gabe Hizer

Gabe Hizer
US • SOLO • Folk

Gabe Hizer, from NYC, began his serious music training in high school in the mid-1960s, when he studied with famed country blues guitar master Stefan Grossman. At age 16, Gabe won a Downbeat magazine scholarship for summer study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, from which he later graduated with a degree in jazz composition. A prolific songwriter since his high school days, Gabe had amassed almost 1,000 songs by the time he recorded his 2010 Nashville CD, “Persistence of Memory.” He was a finalist in the 2021 Great American Song Contest. His genres: folk, blues, pop, and country.

Sara & Kenny

Sara & Kenny
IT & US • DUO • Jazz, Folk

When Italian Sara d'Ippolito met American Kenny Reichert in Milwaukee, WI, they immediately realized they shared more than their love of music. After falling in love, the now married couple started writing songs together. Based in Chicago, Sara and Kenny are composers, educators and multi-instrumentalists. Their music is a unique blend of intricate harmonies, jazz, folk, classical, electronic and world music. Sara and Kenny both play guitar and sing, but in a way you have never heard before.

Lavinia Negrete & Andrea Esquitín / Locas y Cuerdas
MX • DUO • Latin American Folklore, Jazz

Lavinia Negrete is a Mexican cultural manager, guitarist and singer-songwriter. She has performed on national and international stages (Argentina, United States, France, Holland, Italy, Puerto Rico and Romania). She has collaborated musically in short films and composed jingles for some Mexican and international companies such as Swiss International Cooperation. Andrea Esquitín, is a guitarist and singer-songwriter with nearly 10 years of experience. It was at the age of 12 she got her interest for the guitar and sought to expand her knowledge by pursuing a degree in Jazz Instrumental Technician at the Conservatory of Music in the State of Mexico. Throughout her career, she has ventured into musical projects of all kinds, always seeking to expand her musical language and connect with different artistic expressions.

Paul Pigat

Paul Pigat
CA • SOLO • Fingerstyle

Paul Pigat is an internationally renowned performer and instructor and has been entertaining audiences around the the world for over 30 years. He is considered one of the best finger style guitarists in his gendre and has been featured in numerous international music magazines. Classically trained, and Country blues inspired, Pigat weaves a tapestry of soulful songs with a virtuosity that few can match.

Andrea Perrone & Chris Amoretti
BR • DUO • Brazilian & Pop

Andrea Perrone and Chris Amoretti are self-taught Brazilian musicians and composers. Andrea is renowned for her use of alternative tunings and short partial capos, creating color and texture in her virtuoso act with the acoustic guitar. On the other hand, Chris, in addition to being a powerful vocalist, blends various musical styles and Brazilian harmonies into her composition and guitar playing, making them truly unique. Both are solo artists but also perform as a duo. In 2023, Andrea won the award for Best Female Composer and Best Popular Instrumentalist, while Chris was nominated for Best Single Producer at the Music Award Pro, the most significant indie awards ceremony.

Palo Mango

Palo Mango
MX • DUO • Música Medicina Fusión

Palo Mango is a sound offering to the Vital Energy of the Universe, In the game of knowing her and Remembering Who We Are Through the guitar the spirit of Mother Nature is called, Traveling through different landscapes on a journey to the depths of yourself, Raising the vibration, Singing to the Earth, To Living Beings and to the Heart of EVERYTHING.
Palo Mango was formed in 2016 and has since participated in Music and Medicine events of all kinds around the Mexican territory, Guatemala, Colombia and the United States.

Russ Hewitt Duo
VN & US • DUO • Spanish, Latin, World Jazz

Combining lightning guitar runs with unique rhythms provides an electrifying combination of sound and songs in Russ Hewitt's original music. Russ explains his style of play as "Fusing Spanish, Flamenco, jazz, Latin, Cuban and Brazilian together simultaneously without worrying about what particular rules that go with each style. This allows me the freedom to create without boundaries."

Holding a performance degree in Classical guitar from University of North Texas, Russ is a voter for the Grammy's and Latin Grammy's. Russ Hewitt’s recordings has resulted in multiple Top 40 Smooth Jazz singles, Grammy consideration, and has received reviews and press from all around the world including the cover of CUTAWAY guitar magazine out of Spain and a three-page feature in Italy's biggest print guitar magazine - Guitar Club Magazine.

Russ has also played and recorded worldwide with symphonies, orchestras and philharmonics with his original music, a rare feat for any musician.

Jossy Gallegos

Jossy Gallegos
MX • SOLO • Mexican Traditional & Popular

Jossy Gallegos began her career in music with traditional songs from Guerrero, such as “Por los Caminos del Sur.” After this she embraced the genres of trova, rock, opera and pop, where she interpreted pieces as a performer on her first album Al natural. She soon made her debut as a singer-songwriter on her second album, Pajarillo, and at the 47th Cervantino International Festival she reaffirmed her authorship with her most recent album, Hormonía, an album titled so by fusing the words “hormonas” and “armonía,” as she seeks for music to recreate in the listener changing moods from one moment to the next. Throughout the concert, she repeats the combinatorial game of genres, in addition to including folklore and medley, a variety that allows her to jump from upbeat songs to sad ones.

Jorge Lechuga Amelco
MX • SOLO • Classical Guitar

Jorge Lechuga Amelco is a young talented mexican musician who has mastered the art of playing acoustic and steel-string guitar. He studied at the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico city. He has been pursuing a solo career making album recordings of Mexican and international composers around over the world. He loves also making videos combining nature landscapes and music he plays.

Gaby León

Gaby León
MX • SOLO • Traditional & Popular

Singer-songwriter originally from Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. Her career began at the age of 12, driven by the curiosity of learning to play the guitar; from then to the present she has experimented with genres such as pop, rock and Mexican folklore where she had the opportunity to learn to play the vihuela, developing her taste for for a more acoustic sound that is intertwined with the warmth of her particular voice. She is a former Participant of the national program The Voice of México, her presentations range from the metropolitan theater in Mexico City and in different states of the republic. She is currently working on her next single and performing at different spots in Zihuatanejo.