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Tickets 2025 21th Zihuatanejo International Guitar Fest

For thouse who are interested in attending various concerts we can offer you a 4-day Pass (includes the Opening or Closing/2 Day Shows/2 Gala Dinners/3 Night Shows) or an all access Platinum Pass that gives you entrance to all events all week. The passes can be purchased online or during the presale.

  • Cover does not include consumption.

  • Night Shows have unlimited seating and no minimum consumption. Feel free to check out the Local Food Vendors, Festival Souvernirs, Raffle vendors, the Festival Bar, or not. 

  • Remember that Day Shows and Gala Dinners require a Reservation due to limited seating. A pass will not get you in if the place is full. All reservations are valid until 30 minutes before each concert. There is no preferred seating, the first to arrive will have the option to choose a seat. If your group is small you might also have to share a table, be friendly, we are all here to enjoy the wonderful artists here in paradise!

  • Restaurants expects a minimum consumption (event menu). Some have an bar area where you can decide if you want the full menu or not, please ask each venue before reserving.

Buy Passes (prices are in USD):